As many probably know, as part of my day to day job I look a lot at Ethernet networks. This section will feature a few setups I had to come up with to fit customer's requirements. Obviously those are not real setups but examples about how you can get things done.

I also want to mention that I work for Dell Technologies, so Dell Networking products feel the most natural to me but I tend to look at different vendors nevertheless - I am also Cisco certified. I own and use TP-Link-Switches (Jetstream) in my home environment as they are dirt cheap and good enough for what I need to accomplish, but I would never use them in a production environment.

For my setups I tend to use GNS3 for virtualization of the networks. Doing so I primarily use Dell EMC SmartFabric OS 10, as Dell Technologies, continuously provides up to date software for different swich models as GNS3-Images - for free and even without owning a Dell EMC Switch.